Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DIY Hanging Jewellery Holder

I love my little DIY 'cheese grater' jewellery stand, but it simply doesn't hold enough of my (overflowing) jewellery collection and my dresser is getting pretty overcrowded with all my lotions, potions and other nik-naks (or junk as my husband likes to call it). So I thought that I could fashion something to put on the wall, but it had to be decorative and functional. After another visit to Poundland I had the perfect thing.
 All you need for this DIY is the following:
2 Pack of mesh Splatter Screens
A Glue Gun
Oddments of Embroidery threads, Ribbons and Trims
Some silk flower heads
Take one splatter screen and some embroidery thread of your choice and start to wrap the thread around the handle, keeping it tight and secure as you wind.
Add some double-sided tape to help keep the thread secure.
Once you have covered all of the handle, just secure the loose end by knotting at the back of the handle.
Now you can move onto decorating the mesh.
I chose a bright orange mini bobble trim for the inside and a pale yellow large bobble trim for the outer edge.
All you need to do now is glue it down!
Start by applying a short line of glue to the mesh part of the splatter screen and lay the trim as you go.
Do this until you have completed a full circle, securing the ends with a blob of glue.
Your first screen will now look something like this
For the second screen, I wanted to try something a bit more fun and opted for a purple and lime theme.
I didn't cover the handle in thread this time but you can do this first if you want to.
Firstly you want to glue your bobble trim to the inner side of the mesh screen, like so...
The next step is to position and glue on your flowers.
Firstly decide on the layout of you floral design then, once you are happy...get gluing!
Here is the finished article...
I have added a few gems to mine as I thought it needed something extra. All I did was position the gems where I wanted them and then stuck them down with hot glue. I only added a circle of trim to the inner side on this one but it might look nice with something covering the outer edge too....It's up to you....go wild!

After completing this DIY I thought of variations to these designs and think that a dream catcher style one would look lovely, complete with hanging feathers...or why not go all out if you're into bling and spray with metallic paint and adorn with sequins and crystals! 

Happy Crafting!

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Friday, 24 May 2013

DIY Earring Holder

I love a good rummage through a charity shop or car boot sale and I love a bargain from the pound shop. This DIY features just that...a Poundland bargain (albeit not that exciting in it's original state). This tutorial will show you how to transform your basic cheese grater into a pretty earring holder that you'll want to have out on display.

All you need for this DIY is the following:
Basic 4-sided cheese grater from Poundland (£1)
Some Plastikote Fat-Dry Project Enamel Spray (I chose Crème de la Crème)
Some silk flower heads
Silk embroidery thread
A Glue Gun

If your grater (like mine) has a silicone edging along the bottom, you need to remove this first, it should just pull off easily.
Then just set yourself up and area to spray your grater. If possible, do this outside, if not then just make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

You might need to do a couple of coats depending on the colour you choose and the effect you want. I did 2 coats and my grater looked like this

 Next you need to fire up your trusty glue gun! (I love this part!) You can of course use other craft glues but I like the results of using a glue gun as it's quick, easy, no toxic fumes and dries fast! Start by applying a small line of glue along the bottom edge of the graters handle and then lay the ribbon over the this little by little until the ribbon reaches all the way round.

You then need to start winding your embroidery silk around the handle. If you don't have one long piece, just tie a few odd pieces together and hide the knots as you wrap the thread around. You can cover as much or as little of the handle as you like. Secure the end by tying a knot.

Now we will attach the silk flower heads (mine are from Ebay). Apply the glue to the flower heads on the side that you will stick to the threaded so:

Keep adding flowers, filling in the gaps until you are happy with the finished look. I used 6 flower heads for mine and the end result is this:

 My vintage earrings now have somewhere special to 'hang-out' and have pride of place on top of my dresser.
This is an easy and versatile project that can be adapted to suit any style.

Happy crafting!
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