Monday, 15 July 2013

DIY looped fringe sleevless tee

Summer in England has finally landed and it's getting hot. I have a few summer clothes that I've managed to dig out from the back of the wardrobe and utilise, but I wanted a few casual tops that I could 'jazz up'. Jersey tops are so comfy in this weather and easy to slip on and off for day trips to the beach.
I recently picked up this top from TOPSHOP and it was only £7 in the sale. The shape wasn't quite how I wanted it but decided to keep it anyway for when I had an idea of how I could transform it...and today was that day. This DIY is a really simple way of transforming a plain white tee into something a bit more special. It's based on the technique of making a fringed t-shirt but with an twist.
All you need for this DIY is:
A plain white tee
Sharp fabric scissors
Tape Measure
Fabric pins
White thread
Sewing machine
The end result should look something like this:
As my top had the back longer than the front, the first thing I did was the make the front and back the same length

The next step was to begin cutting into the tee, as if to make the edge fringed
I did the front first, then moved onto the back to keep the cuts more accurate
Cut your tee so that the 'fringed' pieces are 1/2" wide
It should then look like this
You'll want to pull on the fringed pieces a little so that they curl up into a more tubular shape and aren't so flat
Once you've done this the whole way around, you'll start forming you loops and pinning them in place.
I started at the side seam and worked from left to right.
I took a strand then pinned it to the 3rd strand along (so you just miss the middle one)
I continued like this, doing one loop over, one loop under.
You should now have something like this
Then all you need to do is secure the loops in place by machine sewing a straight line all the way around (you can sew by hand if you do not have a machine)'re done!
As the top gets washed more, the loops will become less flat and will curl up giving a more defined look

You can use any jersey top for this in any colour...why not try it by making bigger loops....go big and bold...go loopy!

Happy crafting!

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