Monday, 22 July 2013

DIY Reverse Tie-Dye in 3 Techniques:Part 1~Striped Sleevless Tee

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to apply tie-dye techniques to garments, without using dye. This is a reverse tie-dye technique using ordinary household bleach in place of dyes. The Tutorial will be split into 3 separate posts for easy reading. The first Technique is how to create a striped effect.
For this DIY you will need:
A plain sleeveless Tee
Household bleach
Rubber bands or Elastic hair bands
A Bowl or other vessel to bleach your tee in
The end results should look like this:
The top I used was £5 in the sale from TOPSHOP and already had the sleeves cut off, so all I had to do was bleach it.
To get this effect firstly you need to roll the top into a tight tube, from left to right

Once you have your tubular shape, you need to start wrapping your rubber bands around, holding the tee in place and creating a resist to the bleach

Once you have added your desired amount of bands, you're ready to add the bleach
I used a pipette to add it to the areas I wanted, but you can always put the whole tee in a bucket of bleach or dip it in, up to the required amount

Then let the bleach do it's magic! I pinned mine to the washing line as it was a sunny day, and this way it got equal sun coverage

Once it has gone the desired colour...unveil the magic!
Simply cut or pull your bands off your top
Pop it in the wash on a quick cycle or rinse to get rid off excess bleach...let dry and see the results

Hope you have fun creating your own stripey reverse tie dye tee!
Stay tuned for part 2!

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