Monday, 22 July 2013

DIY Reverse Tie-Dye in 3 Techniques:Part 2~Dipped hem circle effect with macrame detailing

So this is the second part of the post about reverse tie dye techniques. This tutorial will show you how to create a dipped hem tee with macrame detailing to the front and back.

All you need for this tutorial is:
Plain old tee
Household bleach
Fabric scissors
Elastic bands or hair bands
Needle and thread
Air erasable fabric marker

To make something like this:
All you need to start is a plain t shirt (I used one of my hubby's old ones)

The next step is to pinch pieces of the fabric into a point.
It can be as random or as precise as you like.

Tie these pinches up with your elastic bands

Continue with this technique all over the tee until you think you have enough to create a good effect once bleached

Once you've finished you can apply the bleach.
I mixed a strong bleach mixture with little water in a bucket and soaked my tee in it for about 30 minutes.
I then left it out in the sun to help enhance the design, rotating and turning frequently to ensure even bleaching.
Once you've left the bleach on for the desired length of time, it's time to snip the bands and rinse your tee through
You'll now have something like this

The next step is to add your macrame neckline.
You need to draw on 2 lines along the front and back of your tee.
Your macrame knotting will sit between these two lines

Once you're happy with your neckline, you can begin slashing.
Simply cut from one line to the other in evenly spaced distances

Once you've done this, just pull your tee a little to 'curl' the t shirt pieces

To create the knots you need to take one piece and place it over the one next to it, then pull the next one through that loop until you've gone right the way around

Secure the last piece by stitching into the shoulder seam
To create your dipped hem, fold your tee in half through the middle.

Draw on a shape you're happy with that is flatter towards the centre front and slopes down and even out at the back again

Et Voila!....

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