Monday, 22 July 2013

DIY Reverse Tie-Dye in 3 Techniques:Part 3~cowl front sleeveless tee with deep v back

So this is the final part of the post about reverse tie dye techniques. This tutorial will show you how to create a deep v back tee with lace detailing and a cowl front.

All you need for this tutorial is:
Plain old tee
Household bleach
various lace trims
Fabric scissors
Needle and thread
To make something like this:
All you need to start is a plain t shirt (I used one of my hubby's old ones)

The next step is to get a needle and thread
I double my thread up to make it stronger
Start my stitching through both layers at the same time and use a long running stitch to go in which ever direction you wish

Continue with these running stitches all over the tee until you think you have enough to create a good effect once bleached
After you have secured the ends of the threads, you need to ruche the fabric by pulling the threads

Once you've finished stitching and ruching you can apply the bleach
I used the same method and process as in Part 2 of the previous post
Once you've left the bleach on for the desired length of time, it's time to snip the threads and rinse your tee through
You'll now have something like this

The next step is to add your deep v to the back of your tee
Firstly fold your tee in half to find the centre and draw on and cut out your desired v shape

Next you'll place your lace or ribbon pieces across the v like so

Once you are happy with the positioning, you can pin and sew in place (I used a stretch zig zag stitch on my machine but you can always do this by hand)
I then cut the sleeves off about 2cm from the shoulder seam and added side slits to the tee to make it a looser fit

Here's the end result

To emphasise the front cowl I pulled on the jersey a little to ease it outwards slightly to help with the drape

Hope you've enjoyed this 3-part post and are eager to try your own reverse tie dye techniques

Happy crafting!

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