Friday, 17 January 2014

Re-Purposed Frosted Bowl

This is a quick and simple DIY utilising a glass door bowl from an old washing machine. It's a great way of showing how anything can be re-purposed if you use your imagination.

For this DIY you will need:

A washing machine glass door bowl (any shape or size)
Sticky back plastic/Plastic film
Frosted glass spray

To produce something like this:

Instead of frosted spray you could use a product like Armour Etch but after doing some research into the composition of the glass bowl, it appears to be of a similar properties to Pyrex and Armour Etch doesn't work on this type of glass. If you already have this product or similar at home, there's no harm in giving it a go.

You'll need to create a stencil for your bowl if you want a design or pattern. I used a sticky back plastic film from Wilkinsons which was 75p for a roll. I wanted a simple geometric design and opted for triangles.
If you want your design to be frosted then you need to cut this away from your stencil, but if you want the background to be frosted and your design clear, then simply cut out the design.

I simply drew an assortment of triangles onto the paper side of the film and cut them out

Start to arrange your stencil(s) by peeling off the backing and sticking to the glass (they peel of very easily after frosting is complete and dry)

Once you're happy with your design it's time to start the spraying. Simply follow the directions on the back of your can. I used Rust-oleum Frosted Glass spray. I applied 3 light coats a few minutes apart. 
This was the result after 1 coat.

It was touch dry in about 10-15 minutes but I left it a good hour before removing my stencil pieces, just to be sure it was completely dry.

I used the tip of a Stanley knife to help ease the triangle off the glass.
Here's the finished result: 

You could literally use this bowl for anything. 
Emergency salad bowl when you have extra guests to a BBQ
 Popcorn bowl
 Fruit bowl
Jewellery/Accessories bowl
 Centre piece on your guests tables at your wedding
Use it as a garden Cloche or as a food cover

I decided to showcase mine filled with scented candles: 

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