Tuesday, 25 February 2014

DIY Pyramid Stud Beanie Hat

Spring is almost upon us, though it really doesn't feel like it here in the UK, especially up North. I'm still wrapping up in my warm scarves and gloves which, to be honest, feels like a second skin of late. Having been wearing the same snood/mittens/hat combo for the past few months, I'm getting bored with my outdoor woolly attire, queue new DIY project.

January, and even February, is a great time to invest in some new winter accessories because they're pretty much all on sale! Us Brits are often heard moaning about our lack of summer, yet High Street shops seem to cater for nothing but Spring and Summer come this time of year, hence lots of wintry bargains and wearing clothes that aren't quite in season yet. I guess that's the optimism of us British folk kicking in...we WILL have another summer of '76 and we shall start wearing flip flops as soon as they come in the shops (even if our toes are purple)...We shall have a SUMMER! But until then, I'm quite content to pull off the 'you can't see any part of my body apart from my eyes' look as it's still bloomin' cold!

 So, with that in mind, here's a quick fashion fix for your beanie hat to take you through to warmer climes (whatever they are).

For this DIY you will need:

Pyramid shaped silver beads or studs
Woolly beanie hat (mine is from New Look and you can find similar here)
Needle and Thread

My beads came from this headband that I got for 50p in Primark

I firstly just laid my hat out flat and roughly worked out where I wanted the beads to go, and what kind of look I wanted. I then just began by sewing the beads on one at a time, starting at the centre top of the hat.

I would recommend doubling up your sewing thread to give your beads a bit of extra security.

Just keep going until you :
a) Get the desired look
b) Run out of beads
I fall into both! I wanted the beads to cascade down from the top of the hat, but would've liked maybe 10/15 more just to finish it off...but ran out and seeing as I bought the headband maybe a year or so ago, I can't get any more... so this is my finished hat

The seam running through the centre of the hat seems to give me extra 'flappy' bits when wearing it (or maybe it's just my head?) so it's not the most flattering of hats but, either way, it does the job of keeping my noggin warm and all in all only cost me £3 to make the finished article, so I can't really complain.

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