Monday, 3 February 2014

Quick-Fix Fashion//iDye Poly Product Review

Having recently had a much needed wardrobe clear-out, I came across a couple of items that I'd not worn in a very long time. One of them was this blush pink top from ASOS. I love the shape and style of the top, but the colour really does little for my English Rose complexion and well, kinda just blends in. Not thinking creatively enough to re-purpose it, and being made of 100% Polyester, I thought it had probably come to the end of it's life and off to the Charity shop it should go, but put it back in the wardrobe just in case. 

I then discovered this gem in the crafting crown, iDye Poly by Jacquard Products. With a dissolvable dye pack, it's easy and with relatively no mess (or none if you're not me!).

This open up a whole new level of up-cycling and re-purposing in my eyes. So next time you're in that second hand or vintage shop and a sweet poly blouse catches your eye, but not you're not too smitten with the colour, you can transform it into something fresh and new.

 I used iDye Poly in Crimson, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. As the top was 100% Polyester, it dyed the labels and even the plastic rings on the adjustable straps. The colour came out really even and is a lovely dark red/burgundy colour. It suits my skin tone much more and can vamp it up with a dark plum lip and nail polish.

Go for it! (just don't use your fave wooden spoon or cooking pot....oops!)

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