Saturday, 1 March 2014

DIY Daisy Embellished Beanie Hat

Following on from the DIY Pyramid Beanie Stud Hat, I've come up with another quick fashion fix for your winter woollies. Adding embellishments to a plain and simple Beanie can really make a big difference and add a bit of 'pizazz' to your outfit. This DIY is super simple but, I think, really effective, and you can personalise it by choosing different colours and designs of beads.

For this DIY you will need:

Woolly beanie hat (mine is from New Look and you can find similar here)
Needle and Thread
14 x Flower shaped Bead Caps (mine are via EBay and were £1 for 10 x 14mm)
Small Silver Beads (mine are approx 4-5mm)

The flower Bead Caps come in a cone type shape, you will need to flatten these out a little.
I used the back of a coaster to press down on mine and that did just the trick.

Once you've flattened out all your flower beads, you'll want to lay them out on your hat to determine which pattern you want to create.

 Once you've worked out your design, it's time to sew them on.
Take your black thread and double thread it through your needle for extra security and strength.
Working from back to front, thread the needle through the centre of the flower cap.

Then thread your needle through the bead

Then go back down through the centre of the flower cap.

Repeat this step so that the bead is threaded through twice.

Secure on the back by knotting a few times, then snip the thread.
Repeat this process until all your flower caps have been sewn in place.

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