Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sportmax Inspired//DIY Monochrome Polka Dot Skirt

The Sportmax Collection for Spring/Summer 2014 has me lusting for Summer. Fluid shapes and flowing materials enhanced the notion of feminine beauty, garments which drape and flow around the body. A delicate colour palette further reflected the femininity and softness of the collection. Polka dots featured heavily throughout the collection from smaller, graphic styled dots, larger leather dots on sweaters, to transparent silk dots and larger, more dots forming panels in tops and dresses. It exudes a relaxed, feminine and effortlessly chic look which I cannot get enough of! One of my favourite pieces was a knee length white pencil skirt with a black polka dot mesh overlay. I love 'layering up' and mixing textures. The design is relatively simple with a striking look, a garment which can be styled in many different ways.

This DIY is my take on said skirt. A relatively quick and simple DIY that can be adapted to your preferred length and polka dot preference! On this occasion I purchased a new skirt to adapt for this project but a thrifted, second hand skirt would also work well. It was really difficult to find a black net-like fabric with polka dots on, but I managed to find a great alternative.

You will need : 
White jersey pencil skirt with elasticated waist
Black Polka Dot mesh or tulle fabric
Paper & Pencil
Tape Measure

The first step is to get the base layer of the skirt to the length you want it. I opted for a knee length skirt and simply measured, marked and cut the skirt to the correct length. You may want to hem this layer, but I opted to leave it with a raw edge as the jersey fabric will not fray.

Position your Polka Dot fabric over your white skirt to determine how you want the dots to lay and how long you want your Polka Dot layer to be.

Lay your skirt onto some paper in order to trace around it and form a pattern for your polka dot layer.
As you are sewing a non-stretch fabric to a stretch fabric you will need to allow extra room when cutting out the polka dot mesh. I added 1" onto each side of the pattern.
Remember to mark onto the pattern the length of the white skirt and then add on the extra length that you want the Polka Dot mesh to be.

Position your pattern onto the Polka Dot Mesh fabric, taking into account where the pattern lies and where you want the Polka Dots to sit.

Once you have cut out one skirt piece, use this to cut out the other. This will help you to see where the pattern is and match up the front and back pieces if necessary.

Once you have the front and back pieces cut out, pin them together down the side seams and stitch together using a straight stitch on your machine. 

This bit is a little fiddly but will help to give a neat finish.
Turn the polka dot skirt inside out  and slip over the top of the white skirt near to the waistband.
This means that the right sides should be facing each other.
Using a zig-zag stretch stitch, sew the polka dot fabric to the white skirt as close to the waistband as possible.

You will need to pin in a few places, matching up any seams and then stretch the white skirt slightly as you sew.

Trim away any excess fabric to prevent it from showing through on the right side.
Pull the polka dot layer down over the white skirt to reveal the finished look.

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