Sunday, 20 April 2014

DIY Statement Meccano Chain Necklace

Meccano was invented by Frank Hornby right here in the UK. Patented in 1901 as 'mechanics made easy' the construction kits consist of metal strips, plates, nuts and bolts (amongst other components). Whilst I have no interest in mechanics what-so-ever, I do have a love for interesting and unusual jewellery. I picked up some vintage Meccano plates on EBay for next to nothing, seeing potential in them but not necessarily knowing what for just yet. I started to build up a small collection of these plates in different sizes, colours and shapes until it got to the point that I thought 'I should probably actually do something with these now'. So I sat down one rainy afternoon and began to play around with them....and the Meccano necklace idea was born. Already having perfectly form holes and tessellating sides, constructing them into a wearable piece seemed logical and easy and what's more, adaptable and expandable. As the pieces are simply linked with jump rings, pieces can be added or removed, creating an ever-changing statement piece.

You will need:

Meccano strips/plates of your choosing
Meccano washers
Length of chain or chain necklace
Lobster clasp
Jump rings of varying sizes (mine ranged from about 6mm to 12mm)
Spike beads
Jewellery pliers and cutters

This is a really simple DIY. You're basically just constructing your necklace a piece at a time until you have your desired look.
It's a good idea to lay everything out first, making a design to follow so you can see how everything is likely to look once finished, making changes along the way if things don't 'sit' or hang the way you'd like.

Then it's just a case of connecting the pieces together using jump rings.  


 It really is as simple as that.

 There are loads of things you could do with Meccano...I'm thinking earrings next, or spraying the plates bright colours for a necklace with a pop of colour. Some of the larger, longer plates could even be manipulated and bent to form bracelets.

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