Monday, 9 June 2014

DIY Mirror Slogan Tee

Logo's and slogans were seen everywhere on the catwalk for this season. From sequined 'coca cola' emblazoned tops from Ashish  to DKNY's bold and monochrome all-over-prints, a lot of designers made statements with words and lettering. Jeremy Scott opted for statement sweaters such as 'Earth sucks' and 'I'm a mess' while Sister by Sibling and Christopher Kane opted for one-worded designs like 'Happy' and 'Petal'. There's no doubt that slogan tee's are a real statement piece. They can represent a current trend or movement (CĂ©lfie, twerking), they can be ironicplayful or carry political or environmental messages.

I thought it would be fun to make my own version with a sporty vibe. I'm not massively a statement maker in the clothes that I choose to wear so I decided to choose a one word slogan that made a subtle statement without being over the top. To make the design more visually interesting I mirrored the word so that it appeared below it.

For this DIY you will need:
Plain white T-Shirt (I picked mine up for £3.99 from H & M
T shirt transfer paper
Iron on hemming web
Black grosgrain ribbon of your desired thickness (mine was 10mm)


Decide on your chosen word and font then design your slogan, I used photoshop to design mine. I simply typed the same word twice, and rotated the bottom word so it looked like a mirror image of the one above. Each word was transformed to roughly 28cm wide by 12cm tall. Then I just moved the lower word up to meet, and join the word above.
I recommend printing out your design onto plain paper first to check that it's the size and style that you want. After that, you're ready to print it out onto your transfer paper.
An optional step is to cut out any excess white areas in between the lettering. This will remove some of the transfer so you don't get shiny areas in between your letters. You can do this easily with a sharp craft knife.


Once your design has been cut out, place it face down onto your tee in the position you want it and iron on. Refer to the instructions that come with your transfer paper as each manufacturer is different.

The next stage is to lay out the ribbon on your sleeves and cut each piece to size, allow a couple of centimetres extra to secure and overlap to finish the strips. Take your hemming web (you may need to trim it to match the width of the ribbon) and place on top of your t shirt sleeve, followed by the ribbon on top of it. Making sure all of the webbing is covered, begin to fix the ribbon to the sleeve with a hot iron.
Continue all the way around until you have got back to your starting point. Overlap the ribbon a little and then trim any excess off. 
Continue this process until all of your stripes have been affixed to your tee sleeves.


And that's it...a slogan tee with a sports luxe edge.


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