Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tangerine Dream

A few weeks back I posted this blog post all about the colour Orange, with inspiration on how to style it and my favourite picks from retailers across the web. Today is a follow-on from that, showing you how I've been wearing the colour and ways to create your own orange hued pieces in the form of a good old DIY!
I found a cheap pair of 'cat eye' sunglasses on Ebay and wanted to changed them up a bit. I covered the chosen areas in E600 glue then doused them in orange coloured caviar beads (also from Ebay). I did a couple of coats and 'spot filling' until I had a relatively even look.
I bought this black maxi skirt second hand and achieved this dip-dye, ombré, 'flame' look by soaking the bottom of the skirt in a bleachy water mix. I lifted the skirt out of the solution by about an inch or so every 10 to 15 minutes to create a graduated look. It's definitely not neat or even, but I kinda like that. There's no guarantee what colour your garment will be when you use this technique, there are a few factors which can determine the outcome, one of those being what dye has been used on the garment in the first place. Also, the ratio of bleach to water plays a massive part and wether you use natural sunlight to help speed up the process or use it to help dramatically lighten a garment. It's not the most sophisticated technique but it works well, is easy and dirt! You can see more 'reverse' dye techniques on my blog here, here and here
I've been loving Maybelline's Super Stay nail colour in 'Orange Punch'. Everytime I take it off, I keep reaching for it to re-apply. It's a really nice shade that's not too bright but adds a pop to your outfit.

This necklace is part of the 'Laced Stone' collection from Telma Mota Atelier. I've been wearing it pretty much non stop since I got it.

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