Monday, 29 September 2014

Conscious Consumer // Bliss and Mischief

I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon Bliss and Mischief, but what a happy little find it was. Bliss and Mischief was founded by Hillary Justin. Her inspiration was the giant cactus tree in her back garden, along with desert colours and striking embroidered details of classic Western kitsch. She began to source vintage textiles alongside re-vamping and re-designing classic pieces. Bliss and Mischief offer one-of-a-kind pieces from modern designs using vintage fabrics to original, custom and handmade chain stitched designs. As well as the ooak items, there's also an offering of small run vintage classics such as antique Japanese Kimonos and vintage tee's, amongst others.

I love the idea of mixing the old with new, something which I often put into place through the details within my home, and the clothes in my wardrobe. Bliss and Mischief is the perfect mix of contemporary and nostalgia, it embraces garments which have been loved and lived in, even the little imperfections that they may carry. Each piece is unique and is inspired by everything from the California desert to her own personal inspirations from her childhood and teenage years. 
“I felt good wearing something that added to my individuality,” remembers Justin,” and that is my same mentality now.  The idea of creating something that is special and limited still feels important to me."
Bliss and Mischief's 1st collection, 'The face of the desert', is made up of dusky pink and peach tones with off white hues, indigo denim and khaki offerings. The embroidered detailing also reflects this colour pallette. I'm honestly in love with everything. The pieces are so wearable and versatile and the embroidery....amazing. I love the way that the vintage garments tell one story and the embroidery that embellishes it tells another, so beautiful.

The denim that Bliss and Mischief use is all vintage. Classic Levi's 505 and 501 jeans are selected and embroidered using traditional western embroidery methods, from hand drawn patterns. I think my favourite item (if I had to pick one....which is very hard) is the Shadows of Mountains Denim, the placement of the embroidery and the colour pallete really draw me in...but at $598... they're slightly (massively) out of my price range *sigh*.  A lot of the collection is out of my price reach to be honest, but I can admire it from afar and think 'one day...' right? These pieces are beautiful though and are designed to be cherished and kept, real investment pieces. B and M definitely offer something different to any other brands and designers I've seen who use reclaimed textiles and garments. If I could afford any of these pieces, I would definitely need to get a bigger wardrobe.

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