Monday, 1 September 2014

conscious consumer // new blog segment

This is a little introduction into a new, hopefully regular, segment for my blog. Being a conscious consumer and conscious consuming can mean many different things to different people, and it's something I'm very new to, but am looking to make some lifelong changes. This is in no way going to be a place for me to preach and say what you should or shouldn't be doing or where you should or shouldn't shop, but instead will be a place where we can explore ideas of how to become more conscious consumers together. The main focus of this topic will be on brands and businesses that are deemed as ethical or sustainable in their production or business practice as well as looking at small and independent businesses.

I think it's important to make an effort to become the most conscious consumers that we can, taking into account the impacts that our purchases have more broadly - on people and the environment and to remember the true cost of something. I'm starting small, thinking about the purchases that I make and the origins of the products I use. I can't really say I'm a victim of fast fashion, yes I do buy pieces from the high street and incorporate them into my wardrobe, but I tend to opt for 2nd hand or vintage clothes, or save up to buy higher quality 'investment' pieces but shop less often. However, I'm sure there's still areas for improvement there too. Money certainly does play a huge role in leading a conscious lifestyle. Sometimes I simply cannot afford to buy the most ethical option no matter how much I would like to, if I can't afford it I either go without or if it's something I actually need, then my bank balance dictates my choices.

Being a conscious consumer should feel empowering, knowing that the choices you make and money you spend could support small businesses or people you believe in, even big companies. To me it's about putting your money where your heart is.

Is it possible to be socially responsible without sacrificing style and budget? I'm new to all this and I'm certainly no expert on the matter, so learn with me and share your findings with me too.

What does being a conscious consumer mean to you?

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