Friday, 9 January 2015

2015 : Page One, Chapter One

Okay, so I'm a little late to the 'new year, new me' party but I've not blogged in so long I think I got a little stage fright. Anyway, time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case) and get shiz done. Before I can sit down and work out my goals and aspirations for the coming year I like to have a deep clean, kind of like a mental and physical detox. January is the perfect time to have a good clear out, the new year brings promise of a fresh start, clearing your mind and space for starting out all over again, shiny and new.


Put away any lingering festive decorations and take down all the cards. Find a home for those Christmas presents (that don't really have a home), polish off the last of the cheese and crackers and pop those Terry's Chocolate Oranges and Toblerones in the cupboard out of sight (or quickly scoff them because, lets face it, it feels wrong to eat them at any other time of year). 

Have a 'deep' clean. I like to open the windows wide, get some fresh (and chilly) air flowing through the house and wash all my throws and cushion covers. Nothing beats getting into your new crimbo PJ's and watching a film snuggled in amongst fresh smelling and super-soft blankets and cushions. Add a scented candle for instant tranquillity.

Switch up your decor. The post-Christmas sales are the perfect time to try something new and give yourself a fresh space to start off the new year. Try a new rug, cushions and photo frames.


Easier said than done when you're feeling like a stuffed turkey after one-too-many festive indulgences (I hear ya), but once you make a start, it will become easier and you'll start to feel great. 

Sweat out those toxins and relieve any stress, tension or negative feelings that you may have.

Running is a great way to get moving. It can make you feel powerful, free and is great for clearing your mind. Being out in the fresh air is a massive bonus, especially if you work from home and are cooped up indoors all day and really helps awaken your spirit. Find a route away from main roads and traffic as that will motivate you more to get out and do it. 


Aside from the aforementioned chocolate gorging session, now is a great time to start to eat more consciously. New year brings new optimism so use that to fuel your body with the good stuff and get rid of toxins.

I've been caffeine free for a good few years now, with the occasional (very occasional) caffeine-laced coffee here and there. We very rarely have take-away and cook 90% of our meals from scratch. I like healthy food, I enjoy cooking it and eating it and we eat pretty well. Sugar, however, is my problem. Towards the end of last year I started an 8 week Sugar Detox and was doing really well. 4 weeks in and I felt great. My skin looked clearer and brighter, I felt sharper, had a tonne more energy, I was way less bloated and my sugar cravings were starting to diminish. Then a trip to the cinema was where it all went wrong and it was my will power that diminished. Just a little bite of a Mars bar then, boom, I'd eaten 2 and half a bag of minstrels. Over Christmas It got out of control and found myself eating chocolate jazzles for breakfast...that's bad! So...back on the detox I will be going and there I plan to stay for the whole 8 weeks. Kicking sugar will be one of the hardest but probably the best thing I can do for my body so I gotta at least give it my best shot.


Re-fresh and organise your wardrobe and drawers. Clear out any un-wanted, stained or broken clothing. Donate the good stuff and bin the rest. Sort through your books, jewellery and make up too. If you didn't use it, read it or wear it last year, chances are you won't this year either.


Mentally let go and move on from things. Situations, emotions, feelings and thoughts that held you back or down last year can be left just there, in the past. Sometimes it can be hard to let things go, especially if they feel unresolved but sometimes you just have to accept that there's nothing you can do and move on and let it go. 

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