Sunday, 15 February 2015

Conscious Consumer // NEOM Organics 'Happiness Candle'

Neom was launched in 2005 by Nicola Elliot. It all started with Nicola, a trained aromatherapist with a passion for wellness, creating bespoke blends that worked as therapies to help her friends, stressed-out city workers to busy mums lacking in energy - with sleep, stress, energy and psychological wellbeingNicola turned her bathroom into a luxury apothecary to create little bottles of beautiful smelling oils that treated her friends in a serious therapeutic way.
"The light bulb moment came ahead of my sister's birthday - a staunch greenie who was having trouble sleeping. I wanted to create something really special, combining the complex blends of essential oils I was known for among friends and family in a luxurious, uniquely chemical-free product that my sister would want to use every night."
The Neom 3-wick candle was born, the first in a whole range of 100% natural and truly therapeutic products. Hailed as the first of their kind, they not only smell amazing (they really do) but they can transform the way you actually feel.

I was very fortunate enough to win one of these gorgeous 3-wick candles recently thanks to a Facebook comp I nonchalantly entered one Monday morning. A couple of days later, the Happiness scented 3-wick candle arrived at my door. At £45 it's really not something I would have ever considered buying, it's definitely out of my price reach! But as I started to un-box it, it was clear to see that this product is definitely worth the money if you can afford it.
The packaging is just beautiful. I love the soft, water-colour like print to the outer box and the frosted glass of the candle. It looks really premium, which is what you want if you're shelling out that much for a candle.
As soon as you lift the lid the scent already begins to fill the air, it's strong but not in an over-powering way. It smells fresh and spring-like, with top notes of freshly cut grass. When the candle is lit, the fragrance is of course a lot more noticeable, but even when it's not lit, the room smells amazing. The candle has a burn time of 50 hours and is recommended to burn the candle for a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 hours each time to ensure the wax burns evenly.
Lighting candles is a big part of my evening ritual, alongside getting cosy in my pj's and wrapping up in a blanket to watch an episode of whatever we're currently into on Netflix. Candles signify time to relax and unwind. There is something just so peaceful about watching those little red flames flicker and glow in a dimmed room
The fragrance of this candle is so different from any scented candle that I've had before, and I love that it's 100% natural, no chemicals just pure ingredients. There are 8 pure essential oils blended within this candle that help to promote a more up-lifted state of mind, boost positivity and balance emotions, the perfect end to the day. If you're feeling really spendy then Neom have teamed up with Jenny Packham and created a range of luxury candles, including the ultimate Happiness Candle that burns for 150 hours, but will set you back £295! 

On their products, Neom label the percentage of the ingredients that are organic and the percentage that are natural. Their candles do not have the ingredients listed as they are not used on the skin. Their candles are made from a blend of 100% natural vegetable waxes and 100% natural pure essential oils. Neom also say that they have had independent tests to confirm that there are no chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides used in the farming stages that make those waxes and essential oils.

Neom are proud to say that they never ever use any synthetic ingredients petrochemicals, SLS, parabens, PEGs or silicone nor are their products or ingredients used are tested on animals.

I'm not sure my regular (cheap) scented candles are gonna cut it when this one runs out, I'd love to say I'll be re-purchasing but I'm not sure I can justify splurging that much on a candle just yet. Check out Neom World for more graphics a-washed with pastel painty splodges and top tips on how to sleep better, energise and stress less. 

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