Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Conscious Consumer // Reformation

Reformation  have managed to combine fashion and sustainability with an undeniable cool and sassy edge. The sight boasts beautiful clothing, beautiful styling and photography to boot, make a quick browsing sesh suddenly turn into 'Oh I need that'. With designs and styles fitting into to various collections or 'stories', Reformation is an inspiring place to shop in more ways than just the beautiful clothing.

Reformation design limited-edition collections and manufacture those styles in their downtown LA factory. This allows them to release designs that reflect the latest fashion trends within  just a few weeks. By selling in their own boutiques and online store, Reformation eliminate the traditional retail markup. They source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, and incorporate green practices throughout their supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most fashion brands.

"We are changing the way people think about fashion by demonstrating that fashion can be sustainable without sacrificing any element of design. It is our mission to lead and inspire a fashionable way to be sustainable. We do this by raising awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time offering sustainable solutions."

Being a sustainable company is not just a notion for Reformation, it's a passion. This is more than apparent as you scroll through their site and land upon the extensive information they give on the 'Impact of Fashion', and I recommend you read it.

About 15% of their products are made from 'deadstock' fabrics (leftover, over-ordered fabric from designers and fabric warehouses). Often these fabrics are available just a few miles from Reformations factory, allowing them to reuse and divert these materials from the landfill. Alongside 'deadstock' fabrics, Reformation also hand-select one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that are tailored and refreshed for their stores. They also buy bulk vintage denim, cashmere and other materials which can be refashioned and included in their collections.

'We always try to source our raw goods locally and domestically first. What we can't produce in our own Los Angeles factory, whether due to expertise or capacity restraints, we send to a manufacturer a couple miles away. We screen suppliers for negative social and environmental practices, seeking those with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and fair, safe labor practices.'

Reformation are also encouraging you to be a 'Healthy Dresser' and 'join the Reformation'  as they state that Up to two-thirds of a product's carbon footprint occurs during consumer care. Here they offer some easy ways to join the Reformation and make a difference by 'washing smart', 'green dry cleaning' and 'recycle and donate'.

Behind each garment is it's story, what it's made from and how it's green. A lot of garments made by Reformation use Tencel fabric which is made from biodegradeable, renewable, sustainably harvested wood pulp. It's manufactured in a closed-loop system, which means all excess materials get reused. Tencel tee only uses 6 gallons of water to produce, compared to 257 gallons to produce a traditional tee. As well as Tencel, Viscose is another favourite as it's a natural fibre and is therefore also biodegradable, unlike Petroleum based synthetics like polyester,  which can take over 200 years to decompose.

But one message that's crystal clear is that you can do all this and look hell of a good doing it.
All images found via Reformation Pinterest page

I can't get enough of this brand! The whole package. I love what they're doing, what they stand for and that the clothes they are making? Dreamy. I've been following them on Instagram for some time. They have the passion behind the lust-worthy designs and my Insta feed has a steady flow of both inspirational quotes and fashion snippets. I'm on board and have joined the Reformation, now who's with me?

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