Thursday, 12 February 2015

DIY Ear Muffs

It's pretty chilly here in the UK with Spring feeling like it's still sooo far away. Most of the time I just bung on a beanie hat for fear of cold ears and looking like a wind-swept mess, but for those crisp, non blustery days when you like to have your locks free and avoid 'hat hair' ear muffs are the answer. The are both practical and can be pretty stylish too.You can also wear them with your hair up making them a super versatile winter accessory. They're fairly affordable to buy but why not make your own for even cheaper and to your own design? It's really simple and only uses a few materials. All you need is your chosen faux fur fabric, some headbands, stuffing, glue and needle and thread.
I got my faux fur from Ebay as a couple of odd pieces that someone no longer needed. You really don't need much fabric to make one pair of ear muffs, so you should be able to find an oddment quite cheaply.
Firstly, find something circular to draw around that's  slightly larger than your ears, remembering to add a little extra for seam allowance. Draw 4 circles on the reverse of your fabric.
Once you have 4 circles, you need to turn them right sides together and sew about 3/4 of the seam together leaving an opening at the top. Pay attention to the direction of the fur and place the two pieces together to match. Once sewn, turn out the right way and stuff with toy stuffing. I used the innards of an old pillow.
Work out roughly where you want your muffs to sit on your ears by placing the headband loosely inside the padded fur circles and place on your head. Once you have everything aligned, apply some glue to the bottom part of the headband and secure into the middle of the stuffing as shown below.
Once the glue has dried, sew up the hole using a double thread. Don't worry if you're not a neat sewer, the faux fur hides all the stiches!
That's it! I made 4 variations because I had a lot of fabric and I wanted to experiment with the different headbands I had too. I covered 2 of the ones I made with ribbon by simply gluing the trims onto the top of the headbands then sewing it together underneath to secure if tightly around.
I think they turned out really well and they're really cosy, plus I have a few different options to choose from when I'm wearing different outfits.

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