Friday, 13 March 2015

DIY Copper & Rope Necklace

I've made my first copper inspired DIY! After I published this post, I've been getting ideas for a few DIY's, mainly for the home but I when I spotted copper pipes in my local B&Q, I knew I could make something wearable from it. This isn't going to be a step-by-step DIY as it's really easy and doesn't really warrant a load of steps for you to follow. Also, I hope it will provide you with a little inspiration to come up with your own version.
Because the rope I used was only a couple of millimetres narrower than the pipe itself, it was quite hard to slide through easily, so I used a bit of ribbon to help pull it through more easily.
Once the rope was all the way the way through, I fixed on the end caps with hot glue. To make a fastening, 2 holes were drilled in the end caps and a copper jump ring was opened and fixed in place to form a loop. I did this for both ends then simply attached a lobster clasp fastening. Sadly I didn't have any copper ones so it stands out a little, but will do until I can replace it.
Using, what is essentially a plumbing pipe, can create a really versatile look. You could easily change up the look by painting a design onto the metal or by wrapping thread round it. You could also dye the rope in a dip-dye effect, sew into it or wrap other threads around it too. You could even flatten the pipe down using a hammer or slide on copper rings, washer or hex nuts perhaps?!

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