Sunday, 18 October 2015

DIY Pumpkin Pie Scrub

Following on from my last post, here is the second part of my collab with wabisabiBotanicals. When I messaged Elysse and asked if she'd like to share a DIY beauty trick or two with me, and my readers, she came back with a recipe that sounded incredibly delicious and pretty much summed up everything I love about this time of year in a jar. One of the ingredients is a little harder to come by over here than in the U.S, but thanks to the 'world food aisle' in Tesco, I could make my own little pot of pumpkin spiced heaven and so can you.
Cinnamon is said to improve fine lines by plumping the skin as well as aiding the treatment of blemishes and acne enhancing skin complexion. This is due to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cinnamon.
Cane Sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin helping to keep it hydrated and keep moisture within. Like Pumpkin, sugar contains a lot of AHA's, which basically means it helps to keep your skin looking fresher and younger. As the particles in sugar are smaller than salt, it's an ideal exfoliant as its a lot softer and much kinder to your skin.
Coconut Oil is a wonderful natural way to make your skin soft, radiant, and healthy. Research has shown that from the use of coconut oil on skin, hydration improved and skin surface lipids remained in tact.
Nutmeg is brilliant for healthy and smooth skin, is widely used for its anti-bacterial and analgesic properties. It also helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. 
Raw Honey is wonder-stuff for your skin. It's full of antioxidants so is great for slowing-down the ageing process. It's moisturising and soothing, has antibacterial qualities that can treat and prevent's clarifying because it opens up pores, making them easy to unclog.
Create your scrub by mixing together the ingredients above. Keep adding small amounts of each until you get a consistency you like. I used about half a can of the pumpkin puree and a few tablespoons of sugar as I wanted it to be quite a gentle scrub. I was generous with cinnamon because I can't get enough of that warming smell at the minute. I added my coconut oil straight from the jar as it was quite soft but next time I think I'll melt it first so that it blends in a bit better, this mixture came out a bit lumpy but it still worked great.
Massage the scrub into your skin whilst bathing or showering and rinse off.  You can store any leftover scrub in a jar and keep in the fridge for up to a week. I make a jar full and used it almost everyday last week. My skin felt super soft and refreshed afterwards and the aroma is warming and delicious!

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