Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sailors Top // DIY Fashion

This free pattern was released by Marilla way back in 2014, so, as per usual, I'm a little late to the party. I drifted away from sewing garments last year, getting stuck into other things and generally just lost my love for it. I had however managed to keep collecting/hoarding fabrics with the premise of future use. So the time came to get out of my sewing slump and start turning these fabric lengths into something more wearable.

This Sailors Top pattern was the perfect thing to ease me in and I instantly fell in love with the shoulder gusset detailing and the ease and quickness of everything coming together, having something I could actually wear in just a couple of hours.

The pattern comes in one size which fits a UK12, but as the top is essentially made up of rectangles, it's really easy to adapt the pattern to your measurements. I made the top up in a grey jersey in a size 12, with the underarm gussets, to see how it fitted on me and make any adjustments if needed. I found the top a little loose for my liking and for future makes, would take it in by 2.5cm on the pattern and omit the underarm gussets. There's an optional pocket and dress option too! The instructions are well laid out and clear to follow, it takes almost no time at all to sew and you could have yourself a new addition to your wardrobe in a morning or afternoon.

It seemed fitting to make my first one out of a striped, looped back jersey. The fabric is a little heavier than a t-shirt weight jersey but not as heavy as a sweatshirt fabric, so I made a top which is somewhere in between the two.
The adjustments that I made to the pattern were :
Took the pattern in by 2.5cm along the C.F/C.B
Lengthened the top by 18cm
Lengthened the sleeves by 26cm
Tapered the sleeves to 27cm at hem width.
The inside of the neckline is stabilised with bias tape to prevent any drooping or sagging.
I wear a lot of grey and black and wanted to incorporate some more 'simple' tops into my wardrobe and had this lovely, soft, grey marl jersey that seemed perfect for Sailor top number 2. It's so comfy to wear and is great for throwing on with just a pair of jeans, but feels more special than just a plain old tee. I added 10 cm to the length for this one, turn-ups to the sleeves and tapered the top slightly so it was wider at the bottom (by 2.5cm).
Version 3 is my monochrome colour-blocked tee. I had a lot of smaller pieces of jersey in black, white and b&w stripe and wanted to incorporate them all together. I think it turned out really well, it's definitely not something I'd normally wear but once I'd made it, I knew it was worth the experiment. I kept the sleeves the same as the original pattern and just added a little on for the length. I had fun with the binding for this one, adding a pop of colour to the inside. I also did all my stitching in white so it really stood out against the black fabric.
Marilla is a brilliant pattern-maker and seamstress and you should definitely go check out her blog if you haven't already! She has some awesome patterns for sale in her Etsy shop and some awesome FREE patterns available here too, with the fresh release of the Rose jacket. I now have my sights set on the Roberts Collection.

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